Confederate Soldiers in the American Civil War

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Thousands of books have been written about the Civil War, but few cover the story of the soldiers and sailors who wore the gray uniform and fought for the Confederacy. That alone makes Confederate Soldiers in the American Civil War a compelling title worthy of attention.

The author uses a format similar to his bestselling The New Civil War Handbook by including scores of photos and illustrations coupled with clear and concise prose broken down into short and easy to understand chapters. Coverage includes camp life, weapons, battles, technology, hospitals, prisons, the naval war, forts, artillery, African and Native American participation, and the war’s effect on civilians and women.


He also includes a timeline of the war, glossary, an extensive list of Civil War sites, a guide on how to research your Confederate ancestor, and a stunning gallery of photos and the stories of more than 80 Confederate Soldiers. Confederate Soldiers in the American Civil War is an invaluable reference guide, fun to read, and makes an excellent gift for introducing the Civil War to anyone of any age.

160 pages                  $15.95
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